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Iyasya, is the luxury spa at the The Resort’s picturesque property bordering the Arabian Sea. The spa offers revitalizing therapies from around the world for adults. Spread over a considerable area within the premises of The Resort, Iyãsya provides a blissful relaxation quarter with facilities that will redefine wellness and indulgence. Also, The Resort’s location amidst sylvan surroundings with a treasure trove of natural beauty, lends a perfect setting for the spa and the patrons who come to de-stress.

Iyasya Spa is the chosen spa brand for the upper mid-scale properties. At the core of the brand, lies a holistic wellness concept which permeates all spa activities – today a spa service is not just about luxury and pampering, but also about lifestyle, learning to live in harmony with our surroundings and being mindful about everything we do. It is no longer just for the privileged few, but part and parcel of a modern lifestyle

Iyasya means ‘relaxation’ in Sanskrit. It is this emotion and relaxed state of being that we bring to our guests at our abode. Relaxation amalgamated with all naturals herbs and spices that awaken all senses and sensibilities is the feeling and place of Iyãsya

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